Future Leap for Future Me

Dear future MelSan,


Hi dear self! How are you? Are you still alive?


If yes, are you still pretty and outgoing? How many boyfriends did you have? Are you now good at dancing? Do you still have your diary? Do you miss your high school friends? Who won in the deal with your best friend? Have you visited other countries?  Did you visit Palawan or Europe? Are you now sexy and fit? Can you still recognize your elementary teachers? Do you remember your first kiss? Who did this to you and when, where and how? Where did you study college? What course did you take? Is it a medical course? Are you now a medical doctor? Are you a Cum Laude? What is your occupation? Do you have your own family now? Do you now believe in forever? Where are your parents? Are they now enjoying their stay in the mansion brought by your siblings? How about your brother and sisters? Who got married first? Do they have their own family now? Are they happy? How many nieces do you have now? What is the age of your first niece at present? Is she a teenager now? Does she have a boyfriend or M.U? Did you join any singing contest or beauty pageant? Did you win? Are you still hoping to become an actress in the television or musical play? Have you tried sky diving? Do you have cars now?


These are just some of my questions for you, future V. Long bond paper is not enough to state all my words for my future self. I can’t predict what your life is like now but I know that many things have changed about you.Your physical appearance, emotions, hobbies, principles in life, taste and even the people around you might have changed. Well, change is really the only permanent thing in this world.I wonder if you are still thin like a stick or you are now a sexy and fabulous woman. I wonder if you still get easily attached to a person.It is hard to foretell what you’ve gone through since writing this letter. By this time, I know that you have experienced many distress and unforgettable incidents that may change your perspectives in life. But always remember that everything has a purpose and everything has a reason why it is happening.


I still don’t know when will be the right time for you to read this letter. But when you do read this, always remember that M.V.D.C. is a FIGHTER. She is a Super Girl. She will never give up especially when things go wrong. She is an outgoing and lovely person and a girl who will always bring a smile to everyone. She is an inspiration for many people and a brilliant servant of God.


I have one more question. Are you happy and satisfied with your life?


Actually, I just wrote this letter to accomplish my English activity made by Miss Espaňo. I thought it would be boring and useless but then I realized that it is also good to have an expectation for my future self so that she could be more motivated in achieving her goals in life.


Go for the goal SUPER V! Always remember the positive sides of your life. Do not forget the people who mold you to become a better person. Thank God for everything. Trust His plans and things will be great. God only makes happy endings. If it is not happy, then it is not the end.


Your younger self,


        (15 years old)




I love you and I’m proud of you. This letter is a motivation and is not meant to pressure you. I wish that you are happy and well. And I hope that time has been kind to you so much.



I’ve posted this letter here in my blog for reserved copy. 




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