Student Government Feels

The speech which I submitted during the application for the Student Council.
I remember how my first year in Supreme Student Government showed how hard it is to be a leader. Imagine, this is the highest governing body of the school that represents not just the students but even the teachers, staffs, faculty members, principal — in short, all the people in Scitech. We need to be a good role model for everyone because our character would reflect on our alma mater. We need to protect our good reputation because it would also matter on the perspectives of students towards SSG. We also need to maintain our good grades, proper attire, punctuality and better public relations. We are obligated to have more patience, to be not afraid of constructive criticism, to be outspoken, and to be a good problem solver. We need to disseminate information well so that we would have good communication and relationship with the students and teachers. It is true that sacrifice is the heart of leadership. In fact, all of the officers have done sacrifices for the betterment of the school. I did this for years and I could really say that this job is not really easy.

This job is not easy but I learned how to find happiness and strength within the organization. Even if it took so long, I enjoyed every meeting with my co-officers. I also love how we eat foods together and how we stay up late in school even if it’s weekend or examination day. Actually, I was not really good in public speaking when I was in elementary but when I pursued the opportunity to become a student leader in my 7th Grade, I experienced being the Master of Ceremony of many big events. I also used the leadership skills and lessons from SSG in STARS club for my position as President last school year. I had also the chance to go to Pampanga and Quezon for the Division’s Leadership Training. Even if it’s sometimes stressful, for me, it is a great opportunity to become a part of SSG. Because of this, I have hundreds of personal friends, followers and leaders as well. We made stories by sharing our own experiences and understanding one another. Moreover, I am proud to say that the Supreme Student Government officers were not just friends but we are called family. I am forever grateful to all my family members from the batch of Peter Malajacan, Chester Andra, Christine Dimarucut, Klarence Ansay and to our ever loving and supportive mother and adviser, Miss Junellie Bawan. They are one of the reasons why I became like this.

And this is how Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School molded me to become a good leader. I am the SSG’s grade level representative of my batch for four consecutive years and I am proud to say that I have done my best in every school year by supporting and protecting the rights and welfare of every student, not just in my batch but by all the students in Scitech. I cannot say that I am a great leader because of my past and current experiences but I am proud to say that I did well in working on my position.

This is my last year in High School, my last year in Scitech and my last year to run as an SSG officer. I do not know why I am being emotional in writing this essay but I really feel so honored, trusted and loved by my batchmates. It’s hard to trust someone. And it becomes really harder if you’ll trust for many times/years. As Fred Hilmer said, “Leadership requires five ingredients–brains, energy, determination, trust, and ethics. The key challenges today are in terms of the last two–trust and ethics.” The trust of my batchmates are so precious to me that is why I did all the best that I can do to serve them by giving discrete and transparent information and by being their voice in the student government. I have done my job and if I’ll get this position for thďe next school year (2017-2018), I’ll be really honored to serve my batch. I am not a fan of promises but this time, I would swear my batchmates that if I could make it, I will make our last year as the most memorable year of all. Remember, trust is sweeter the fifth time around!


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