‘Battled’ Life?

“Life is all about competition.”

This quote made me wonder. Animals do fight for their food in order to survive. Politicians defame each other to attract voters. Beauty queens from various countries battle to know who will be crowned as the most beautiful lady in the world. Even in simple things we can see competition, like in commercial product markets, class valedictorian or even in courtship. It happens when two different bodies want the same ‘one’ thing. But is it really necessary to apply this thing in some aspects of our lives especially in terms of relationship? Why does competition of pride happens to two bodies created by one God. Where in fact we should be loving one another than battling for the title of the ‘Greatest pride of all time’. God is only one and many of us wants to be with Him all the time. So does it mean in order to get the attention of God, we have to compete with one another? Of course not! Why don’t we share what we have to others to avoid these uncomplicated hard misunderstanding about competition? Let the “one same thing” be “1/2 or 1/4” or even “everyone’s thing”. We are all loved by God and we don’t need any contest just to win His heart because when we were born, we already did.

So tell me, is life really a competition?


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